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The project objective is the design and evaluation of manufacturing processes for transmuter fuel fabrication. The large-scale deployment of remote fabrication and refabrication processes will be required for all transmutation scenarios. Current program emphasis is on a five-year effort to determine the feasibility of transmutation as a technology to limit the need for repository storage of spent commercial fuel. The evaluation of the fabrication processes will create a decision support data base to document design, operations, and costs. Fabrication processes required for different fuel types differ in terms of equipment types, throughput, and cost. The year 1 project was focused on collecting information on existing technologies, equipment costs, and material throughput. Another aspect during year 1 has been the assessment of robotic technology and robot supervision and control, and the simulation of material handling operations using 3D simulation tools with view towards the development of a fully automated and reliable, autonomous manufacturing process. Preliminary estimates of differential cost implications of various fuel choices have been developed.


Artificial intelligence; Nuclear fuel rods – Design and construction; Manipulators (Mechanism); Robots; Industrial – Control systems; Robots; Industrial – Kinematics – Simulation methods

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Nuclear engineering; Nuclear fuels; Robots


Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Robotics

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