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This research program will analyze various steel samples that have been exposed to LBE as part of the national program to develop LBE and transmutation technologies. This information will be paramount in developing engineering efforts to control, avoid, and/or minimize the effect of corrosion of steels by LBE in transmuter and LBE systems. Additionally, this program provides UNLV researchers with hands-on experience that will be crucial in developing the UNLV LBE program, supporting the University’s mission with the ISTC target complex, and the future development of additional facilities to examine LBE systems.

The research group plans to test the hypothesis that oxygen in lead and bismuth corroborates the corrosion processes between lead bismuth eutectic, steels, and other system components by examining the evidence left in the corroded layers of the exposed steel samples. Data will provide the elemental composition of the samples and the spatial distribution of elements, both before and after corrosion. This should allow researchers to determine the chemical species present and their spatial heterogeneity, the chemical reactions occurring in the LBE/steel system, and the dependence of the chemical reactions upon composition, temperature, and time. During this work, the program also plans:

• To elucidate the mechanism(s) and kinetics of corrosion in LBE/steels, which have not been studied in detail;

• To determine the signature of chemical species in samples of steels previously in intimate contact with LBE;

• To determine the forms of solid oxides from corrosion products and lead and bismuth; and,

• To measure the different responses of different kinds of steels to LBE.


Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Eutectic alloys; Lead-bismuth alloys; Lead-bismuth eutectic; Particle accelerators — Design and construction; Steel — Corrosion

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Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Eutectic alloys; Particle accelerators--Design and construction


Materials Chemistry | Metallurgy | Nuclear | Nuclear Engineering

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