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After two month intensive work in LANL, some preliminary sensor calibration curves have been obtained. Further data analysis shall be performed to assess the theoretical and measured data. Also, a new experimental apparatus shall be designed and located in UNLV to continue the left work.

Technical Progress:

• A set of calibration curves of voltage vs. temperature ranging from 3000C to 5000C under various oxygen concentrations in liquid LBE for the YSZ oxygen sensor has been obtained and has been reported in one paper.

• A meeting with LBE committee and other faculty members in AAA projects was organized to discuss our new experimental apparatus design.

• We have identified the major components/parts to be incorporated in our sensor experimental apparatus, and we have finalized the geometries of some of the parts. This newly-designed system shall be accommodated in HRC center.

• We started to use FEMLAB free version to do simulations for oxygen concentration distributions in our setup due to stirring.


Conductometric analysis; Eutectic alloys; Fluid dynamics; Lead-bismuth alloys; Nuclear reactors — Materials — Testing; Measuring instruments – Design and construction; Oxygen – Measurement


Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy