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Annual Report

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For the first year of this effort, the UNLV research team set out four objectives. First, the university and laboratory consortium had to be established. This consortium was tasked with helping to determine the methodology for determining the dose coefficients, and to ensure that the resulting DCs will be of use to the national programs developing accelerator-driven nuclear systems (such as the SNS or an accelerator-driven transmutation system) and to the health physics community as a whole. The second goal of this program was to determine a methodology and then prioritize the radionuclides so that the research effort would address the most significant radionuclides first. Working with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the UNLV team then needed to formalize the developed methodologies, and ensure that they are reproducible. The final objective for the first year of this program was to use the developed methodologies to begin generating dose coefficients.


Accelerator-driven systems; Radiation dosimetry; Radioisotopes – Measurement; Spallation (Nuclear physics)


Health and Medical Physics | Nuclear | Radiochemistry