coping behavior; disease management; older African Americans; perception


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Gerontology | Public Health | Race and Ethnicity


Research has documented that African Americans suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases when compared to the general population. Yet, limited research examines older African Americans’ perceptions about having chronic diseases. Accordingly, the first aim of the study provided insight into this disparity with the intent of revealing how older African Americans feel about their overall health, and how much they understand about their individual chronic disease(s). The second aim was to gather information about strategies and coping mechanisms older African Americans use to manage their chronic diseases. The purpose of this aim was to determine if any of the strategies they employed were related to positive health outcomes. Two focus groups were conducted with African American older adults who live in community settings. The results from the focus groups indicate that older African Americans are aware of the conditions they have and have developed strong coping methods to help them manage. Recommendations are provided for future research studies and chronic disease management programs.