Vulnerable Populations; Precision Medicine; Risk Assessment; Tablets; Breast


Other Medicine and Health Sciences


Background: Tablets and other technologies are evolving tools to collect personalized health data. However, the quality of data collected by these tools in vulnerable populations is unknown. We explore the acceptability and reliability of a Breast Health Questionnaire app’s use by diverse, low-income women against a pen/paper survey.

Methods: Women who spoke English or Spanish were recruited to complete a tablet and a paper/pen questionnaire prior to their screening mammography. The usability and reliability of the BHQ app were assessed and analyzed.

Results: Of 116 women, 94 (81%) found the app easy to use. Reliability between the app and the pen/paper questionnaire ranged from substantial to perfect agreement.

Conclusions: Women of a diverse, older, low-income population found the app acceptable and easy to use with high reliability. All patients preferred the tablet, suggesting that tablets can aid in the collection of health information and personalized risk assessments for minority populations.