housing insecurity; infant; maternal health; pregnancy; prenatal education


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Background: Research shows that pregnant women experiencing housing insecurity are more likely to face barriers to prenatal care that can lead to negative health outcomes for both mother and infant. Previous studies have also shown that prenatal education programs provide pregnant mothers with the knowledge and resources that increase the likelihood of positive health outcomes. An interprofessional healthcare team in Central Arkansas modified an existing prenatal education program to create Motherhood Together, a program specifically tailored for pregnant women facing house insecurity.

Methods: The purpose of this initial evaluation of the Motherhood Together program was to identify the feasibility of the program and preliminary outcomes. This evaluation sought to better understand the demographic composition of the population participating in Motherhood Together (n = 19), as well as the effect of the program on infant outcomes, health literacy, and maternal self-care. The overall participant experience and feedback to enhance the program was also obtained.

Results: The average age of participants was 24.6 years old and 77.8% reported high school as their highest level of educational attainment. The majority of participants identified as Black/African American (77.8%) and 22.2% identified as White. Participants scored the experience of Motherhood Together sessions positively with an overall score of 3.75/4.00. Participants reported an average gestational age at delivery being 36.9 weeks with 25% reporting preterm births following the program. Multivitamins were reported as being taken by 100% of participants following participation.

Conclusion: Tailoring the pre-existing educational program to create the Motherhood Together program was clearly feasible and continues to serve as a critical resource for improving equity in infant and maternal outcomes in central Arkansas.