Colorectal cancer screening; African American; Black Belt region; participation in socializing group; primary care physician


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Health and Physical Education | Public Health Education and Promotion


Objective: The present study aims to assess the levels of awareness of three types of CRC screening tests (FIT or FBOT, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy) among African Americans living in the Black Belt area, and examine the factors associated with awareness of CRC screening tests among this population.

Methods: The current study utilized a survey research design. Univariate analysis was used to assess the awareness of three types of colorectal cancer screening: FIT or FOBT, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy. Three sets of logistic regression analyses were conducted to examine the factors associated with the awareness level of each of the three colorectal cancer screening types among study participants.

Results: More than half of study participants heard of FOBT/FIT. Only one third of participants heard of sigmoidoscopy. The majority of study participants heard of colonoscopy. Participation in socializing groups was found to be positively associated with awareness of all three types of CRC screening. Employment and having a primary care physician were positively associated with FOBT/FIT and colonoscopy. Study participants with a primary care physician demonstrated awareness of FOBT/FIT and colonoscopy

Conclusion: Health education on different types of CRC screening especially FOBT/FIT and sigmoidoscopy is needed for the study population. CRC screening awareness among rural African Americans is likely to be improved by removing barriers of accessing primary physicians or other healthcare resources. Health education intervention in community setting or socializing groups such as clubs or religious group can potentially improve awareness of CRC screening.