American Indian; Cancer – Prevention; Colon (Anatomy) — Cancer; Colonoscopy; Colorectal cancer; Indians of North America; Middle West; Rectum — Cancer


Community-Based Research | Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion | Race and Ethnicity


Colorectal cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer among American Indians and is also the second leading cause of cancer death. We used a community-based participatory approach to conduct a mixed methods study to examine colorectal cancer screening behaviors. Here we report on the screening behaviors of our focus group participants (n=153). There were significant gender differences in the colorectal cancer screening rates for FOBT and colonoscopy. Although over 80% of participants reported having health insurance, only 35% of males over 50 years old and 57% of females reported ever having a colonoscopy. More research is needed to identify the causes of gender differences in colorectal cancer screening rates among American Indians. The results of the current study provide new information on the prevalence of colorectal cancer screening among American Indians living in the Midwestern (Kansas and Missouri) portion of the country.