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Man Ray: Prophet of the Avant-Garde originally aired as an episode of PBS’ American Masters in 1997 and provides a succinct overview of the life of the talented Man Ray, a painter, photographer, sculptor, and film maker, who is perhaps best known for his photographic portraits of famous artists, such as Igor Stravinsky, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, and Pablo Picasso. The film, engagingly narrated by Stockard Channing, surveys Ray’s life while being attuned to the need to frame his life and work in a cultural and historical context. The often underappreciated Ray is given flattering treatment as director Mel Stuart makes a compelling case regarding Ray’s importance in the 20th Century art world.


Man Ray; 1890-1976; Television programs – Reviews


Arts and Humanities | Cultural History | Film and Media Studies | Library and Information Science | Modern Art and Architecture


Film review

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Ipri, T. (2010, October 21). [Review of the DVD Man Ray: Prophet of the avant-garde, produced by M. Stuart, 2010]. Educational Media Reviews Online. Retrieved from

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