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The Last Days of Shishmaref chronicles the lives of several families who live in the eponymous village in northwest Alaska as the effects of global warming begin to decimate their surroundings. This beautifully filmed and meditative documentary focuses on the lives of the Inupiaq Eskimo villagers and does not overtly politicize the often volatile issue of the causes of global warming. The film is more concerned with the effects of climate change rather than the causes.


Alaska; Global warming; Inupiat; Motion pictures – Reviews


Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Policy | Film and Media Studies | Library and Information Science | Natural Resources Management and Policy


Film review

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Ipri, T. (2010, January 12). [Review of the DVD The last days of Shismaref, produced by J. Kappelhof, 2008]. Educational Media Reviews Online. Retrieved from

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