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The concept of a split estate refers to the fact that owners of a property do not necessarily own the minerals and resources that reside under the property.
Debra Anderson’s Split Estate highlights the more damning aspects of this oddity by documenting how oil and gas companies are setting up shop on home
owner’s land. In some instances, oil rigs are constructing within 100 feet of people’s homes.


Land tenure – Law and legislation; Mineral rights; Motion pictures – Reviews; Right of property


Energy Policy | Environmental Policy | Film and Media Studies | Library and Information Science | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law | Property Law and Real Estate | Real Estate


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Ipri, T. (2010, January 12). [Review of the DVD Split Estate, produced by Red Rock Pictures, 2009]. Educational Media Reviews Online. Retrieved from http://emro.lib.buffalo.edu/emro/emroDetail.asp?Number=3906

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