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For more than a decade, a consortium of academic libraries in southern Nevada has shared a central integrated online library system (IOLS), Innovative Interfaces’ Innopac (Innovative when referring to the vendor, Innopac when referring to the software). At present, this consortium includes the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) (both the main university library system and the UNLV law library), the Community College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State College, and the Desert Research Institute. The last central-site server was purchased and installed in 1997. In the four intervening years, tremendous growth occurred with the system, necessitating a hardware upgrade. Prior to committing to a fiscally significant hardware upgrade, library management felt it prudent to conduct an analysis of the library-system-vendor marketplace in general, to validate the consortium’s continued commitment to the existing vendor. This article discusses background assessment work and the subsequent planning and installation of the consortium’s new central-site hardware.


Academic libraries; Innovative Interfaces; Inc.; INNOPAC (Computer system); Integrated library systems (Computer systems); Library cooperation


Communication Technology and New Media | Library and Information Science


Copyright American Library Association. Used with permission.

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Vaughan, Jason. 2004. “The Library’s Integrated Online Library System: System Assessment and New Hardware Implementation.” Information Technology and Libraries, 23:2; 50-57.

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