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We love books; those who know us know that the perfect present for either of us is a book, any kind of book, or something related to books. We are voracious readers. We recommend books to friends, to students, to clinicians, to faculty, and of course, we recommend them to clients. We began to wonder, “How should a counselor choose the appropriate book for a particular client?” We pondered, “Is it simply a matter of trial and error?”


Counseling Psychology | Library and Information Science


Reprints: Pehrsson, D.E. & McMillen, P.S. (June 2004). Competent counselor practice for use of Bibliotherapy. The Counselor (Oregon Counseling Association newsletter), 15(6), 1, 7.

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Pehrsson, D.E. & McMillen, P.S. (2005) Competent counselor practice for use of bibliotherapy. WACES Wire, 43(2). 1, 5-6.