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Restaurant dining has always been one of the great attractions of Las Vegas. From its budget buffets and 99 cent shrimp cocktails, to the showrooms of yesterday's production shows, and today's haute cuisine restaurants run by celebrity chefs, dining has added a rich and tasty dimension to the Las Vegas tourist experience. Local residents have also long been attracted to the wide variety of restaurants that have grown along with the city since the construction of the first hotel/casino resort (El Rancho Vegas) on old Highway 91 in 1941. Hotels along the Las Vegas Strip (and a few downtown) have undoubtedly provided some of the most memorable dining experiences for both visitors and locals alike, with some of their attractions, like the Bacchanal Room at Caesars Palace, and the Sultan's Table at the Dunes, achieving near legendary status over the years. Like the grand hotels that housed them, however, many of these restaurants have long since disappeared, and exist today only in the memories of their devoted patrons, and in the menus that survive as evidence of their culinary offerings. Dining outside of the great resorts offered locals and (some tourists) the opportunity to explore restaurants that may have been a little less expensive or crowded than those within the Strip hotels. Herewith, some brief historical sketches of the most notable restaurants that were featured both on and off the Strip between 1941 - 1970, a time that saw great change and development on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond.


Dinners and dining; Nevada--Las Vegas; Restaurants; Tourism


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