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Understanding the cultural aspects that affect a student’s ability to appropriately use resources is important in developing outreach and instruction in multicultural settings. Differences in educational philosophies, students’ previous scholastic training and cultural differences in individual motivation are all factors that may affect a freshman’s ability to understand an American university’s idea of academic integrity and can inadvertently cause problems where independent work and critical thinking are required. At Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCU Qatar), a branch campus of the American university in the Middle East, a special class on academic integrity and ethical behavior was integrated into the freshman introduction to the university course. The class focused on fictional case studies that addressed each of the six violations of the university’s honor code in situations that reflected the school’s diverse student body.


Academic writing; Culture; Education; Higher; Ethics; Information literacy; Library orientation; Plagiarism; Qatar; Research; Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts in Qatar


Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Information Literacy | International and Comparative Education | International and Intercultural Communication | Library and Information Science


Originally published by ACRL