Student Employment as a High-Impact Practice in Academic Libraries: A Systematic Review

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Journal of Academic Librarianship


This study is a systematic literature review of student employment in academic libraries. The review aimed to identify the extent to which academic libraries treat student employment as a High-Impact Practice. Focusing on articles, books, and ACRL conference proceedings published from 1997 to 2017, 216 publications were reviewed. Utilizing the work of George Kuh as a framework, publications were coded so as to identify the characteristics of highly effective educational practices demonstrated in each publication's student employment program. Findings show that student employment programs consistently align with High-Impact Practices in regards to faculty and peer interaction, time, and effort; we also found gaps in the student employment literature regarding professional development and training, mentoring, diversity, and the transferability of work experiences to other contexts. Further research is needed to articulate the impact student employment has on student success.


Academic libraries; Student assistants; Student employees; Student employment; Systematic review


Higher Education | Library and Information Science

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