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The future is not really something one can predict, which does not, of course, keep us from speculating. In fact, the rapid advance of technology in the last ten years has made talking about the future something of a sport and resulted in "future" becoming code for "changes in technology." The future as determined by technology is not the major thrust of this article, although changes in technology are a given to just about anyone's future. Instead, the future is more broadly considered by looking at what is happening around us and speculating on the implications. This article attempts to use our past and present as a springboard for discussions of the future of the architecture
library, drawing from long-standing approaches as well as developments in both the library field and in the discipline of architecture.


Academic libraries; Architectural libraries; Library science – Forecasting


Library and Information Science | Science and Technology Studies

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Brown, J. M. (2006). Indicators for the evolution of the academic architecture library. Art Documentation: Bulletin of the Art Libraries Society of North America, 25(2), 6-11.

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