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Architects have varied and eclectic needs for information. Some types of information are needed repeatedly. Some types are needed only occasionally. A university branch library or a firm library attempts to handle the ongoing needs with in-house resources. As for the occasional need, space and financial considerations have necessitated a reliance on larger libraries, a situation which works with varying degrees of success.

So it has been until now. Now the Internet is starting to change the ground rules. I say STARTING, for several reasons. First, many libraries and firms do not yet have access to the Internet. Second, awareness of what is on the net is uneven, primarily because while the information on the Internet is growing dramatically, intellectual access to it is not. And third, the usefulness of net resources in toto has not been fully established. In fact, while there is a wealth of useful information on the net, there are also tremendous gaps in what can be found.

I would like to address the second area, that is, awareness of what is on the net that could be of use to us, grouped by type of information. This will be a whirlwind tour, with many sources mentioned and few described in detail. My objective here is to give you a flavor of the net's diversity, some specific net sites of interest, and a handle on where to start. The included list of Internet addresses will hopefully allow you to explore at your own speed, and to the depth you require.


Architectural libraries; Architecture – Research; Electronic information resources; Electronic reference sources; Libraries and the Internet


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