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Subject librarians at many college and university libraries have a wide variety of job responsibilities, yet they often lack guidance on goal setting and prioritization. At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Libraries, the liaison program currently lacks a formal agenda setting process. This study explores using multiple sources of data for liaison goal setting and goal prioritization. Data from the LibQual+ survey, faculty surveys and focus groups, and usage statistics were examined for the disciplines of art, architecture, business, and hotel administration, and then applied to the development of liaison agendas. The results show that data can enrich and inform liaison perceptions of the behavior and priorities of their constituents and assist liaisons with establishing annual goals.


Area specialist librarians; Collections; Data utilization; Liaisons; Library materials; Strategic planning; Subject librarians


Library and Information Science

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Brown, J. M. & Tucker, C. (2010). Using multiple data sources to develop a liaison agenda. College and Undergraduate Libraries, 17, 365-385. doi:10.1080/10691316.2010.525424

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