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CARL 2014 Leadership in Action

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San Jose, CA

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The library literature is rife with books and articles about leadership, much of it derived or applied from the research external to the library profession. Our professional literature is also rich with surveys about the qualities of leadership. This opening session provides a counterpoint to the theoretical, academic approach to the study of leadership in libraries. Based upon more than 30 years of experience, including positions ranging from library assistant to dean, Patricia Iannuzzi provides a practical approach to leadership roles for academic librarians on campus, in our profession, and within the higher education arena. In this personal reflection, Iannuzzi shares scenarios of leadership in a wide array of circumstances, including situations where professional rank or position are secondary to actual leadership. She will share personal anecdotes regarding about what she has learned about leaders and from leaders – and how those experiences inform her approaches, and recommendations, for nurturing leadership.


Academic librarians; Leadership; Librarians; Library science; Library science—Research; Library science literature


Library and Information Science | Performance Management | Training and Development