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Academic libraries--Relations with faculty and curriculum; Curriculum planning; Educational change; Information literacy


Higher Education | Library and Information Science


Presented at Georgetown University

PowerPoint presentation contains 52 slides with notes

Downloadable video clips featured in the presentation are:

  • Dr. Tim Jones, UNLV (MP4; 18.2 MB)
  • Dr. Tim Jones, UNLV (MP4; 14.9 MB)
  • Dr. Michelle Tusan, UNLV (MP4; 9.9 MB)
  • Dr. Carl Braunlich, UNLV (MP4; 41.3 MB)
  • Dr. Bernie Fried, UNLV (MP4; 14.5 MB)
  • Dr. Carl Braunlich, UNLV (MP4; 16.3 MB)
  • Dr. Marcia Gallo, UNLV (MP4; 17.8 MB)
  • Dr. Pat Moreo, UNLV (MP4; 16.1 MB)

TimJones.mp4 (18200 kB)
Clip 1 Dr. Tim Jones

TimJones2.mp4 (14910 kB)
Clip 2 Dr. Tim Jones

MichelleTusanTangible.mp4 (9922 kB)
Clip 3 Dr. Michelle Tusan

CarlBraunlich1.mp4 (41308 kB)
Clip 4 Dr. Carl Braunlich

BernieFried.mp4 (14526 kB)
Clip 5 Dr. Bernie Fried

Carlbraunlich2.mp4 (16325 kB)
Clip 6 Dr. Carl Braunlich

MarciaGalloScaffold.mp4 (17789 kB)
Clip 7: Dr. Marcia Gallo

PatMoreo.mp4 (16133 kB)
Clip 8: Dr. Pat Moreo