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ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition 2018

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New Orleans, LA

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Large-scale digitization of historical materials is on the rise thanks to all grants available for cultural heritage institutions. Often the awarded institutions/professionals don't have detailed plans how to organize the work so all available resources are effectively used, all grant deadlines are met and the deliverables are of excellent quality.

Project management skills are vital for successful large-scale digitization projects.

This poster session will use the case study of the Nevada’s National Digital Newspaper Project to introduce tips proven to work.

The poster is aimed at awardees/project managers seeking to learn how to successfully manage large-scale digitization projects using limited human resources and external digitization vendors to complete the work within the time-frame. Attendees will learn techniques for effective collaboration, increased productivity and outstanding final product deliverables. Some techniques that will be detailed include: team selection, setting goals/benchmarks with vendors, engaging stakeholders, iterative workflow development, work segmentation, time management, scheduling, risk management, and gathering statistics for decision-making and assessment.


Large-scale digitization; Historical materials digitization; Project management; Outsourced digitization


Library and Information Science

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