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ER&L (Electronic Resources and Libraries) Annual Conference

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Austin, TX

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The 90-min workshop covers the main website components and some fundamental tools for static web design. The session has a practical component with hands-on activities - during that part the participants can actively build a custom WordPress website.

The session is divided as follows:

Part I (45 min) features 20 min presentation of basic web design concepts, tools and technologies and 25 min demo of the back-end of 2 static WordPress websites (free and paid versions)
Part II (45 min) features hands-on guided activities to design a new WordPress website from scratch

Attendees will learn web design fundamentals and some important practical skills. The session aims to spark creativity and inspiration, and the hands-on activities will teach the attendees how to design a custom static WordPress website. They will also learn tips and tricks how to get out of the framed templates and customize them according to their taste/needs by applying HTML and CSS coding.

What Will You Learn

  • basic web design concepts such as navigation, information architecture, user experience; project needs assessment, graphic design and graphic layout
  • fundamental tools for web design
  • main web design technologies
  • WordPress

How You Will Learn

  • presentation
  • demonstration
  • hands-on activities

Link to workshop activities:
Link to workshop hands-on flyer:


Web design, Static websites, WordPress websites, Website components, Information architecture, WordPress templates customization


Library and Information Science

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