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With the rise of digitizing archival collections across academic and public libraries, more librarians are getting involved in project management, but not all of them have expertise or relevant background in digitization or managing projects. In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll gain tips and strategies for managing digitization projects.

This 60-min webinar is designed to help professionals relatively new to digitization and project management as it outlines some similarities and key differences between managing in-house digitization projects vs outsourcing large-scale digitization projects. Digital project management and digitization expert Marina Georgieva compares and contrasts some important project components such as technology selection, forming and training a team, developing an efficient workflow, and establishing working relations with vendors from three different perspectives: smaller scale projects, larger scale projects and outsourced projects. Georgieva shares her recent experience, explores some challenges related to these types of projects, and covers ways to overcome them. She also provides advice for how to keep all of your projects successful regardless of potential technological or workflow hiccups.

This is a practical workshop based on the presenter’s experience and backed up with real examples from an institution with large-scale digitization capacity and multiple successfully completed grant-funded and internally funded digitization projects.


Digitization; In-house digitization; Outsourced digitization: Project management; Vendor relations


Library and Information Science

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