Collection Management in the Age of Hospital Mergers

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MLA 2020


Session Format: The session will feature a panel of 3 speakers who will present on a specific issue and share their own experiences as a case study, with at least 30 minutes of Q&A including audience participation. Objective: This session looks to build on a previous successful session on hospital mergers by focusing on the pressing issue of collection management in hospitals and academic settings involved in institutional mergers. Presenters will address collection management policies, finances, licensing, and working with vendors, navigating tricking access issues and site-specific collections, as well as experiences from the academic side. Participants are encouraged to bring their own experiences and share advice, pitfalls, and pearls with the room. Instructional Methods: Using a method commonly seen in clinical grand rounds or morning reports, panelists will present a case study featuring the collection management details in their own mergers. Each panelist will then provide details about the various concepts addressed in the case and illustrate them with examples from their own experiences and the literature. After the presentations, the panelists will answer questions from the participants; however the participants are encouraged to answer each other’s questions and share advice and their own experiences.

Participant Engagement: Participants will be encouraged to ask panelists questions, but also to respond to their fellow audience members’ questions with their own experiences. Panelists can elaborate on their own experiences, but the goal is for the participants to share lessons learned and pearls of wisdom so that everyone leaves with multiple ideas to implement.

Sponsors: Hospital Libraries Caucus Collection Development Caucus


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