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Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists (CIMA) & Society of Southwest Archivists (SSA) Conference

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Mesa, AZ

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The idea of a Journal of Western Archives began in the early 2000s after plans were being made for a super regional meeting in Las Vegas, NV. It was during this collaborative time that University Archivists Gordon Daines proposed an idea to then Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists President John Murphy. Gordon wanted to establish a journal that would be for archivists working in the western United States. He noticed that as a researcher himself at BYU that archivists in the western United States didn’t publish as much as archivists in the eastern United States.

In 2002, Gordon approached CIMA about establishing a task force to investigate the idea of a journal for archivists working in the west. In 2002, the CIMA Council created the Journal Task Force and charged it with investigating the creation of a journal that would deal with Western related archival issues. The Task force was composed of CIMA, SRMA, SCA, SSA members. A business plan was created that included a marketing plan, editorial policy and a financial plan.


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