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Nevada persistently ranks at or near the bottom in the country for overall access to mental health services despite the need (Mental Health America, 2015-2023). UNLV faculty are developing initiatives to change this unacceptable situation. The Lincy Institute, in partnership with UNLV PRACTICE, BeHERE Nevada, and researchers from the Department of Psychology, offered a community forum showcasing three mental health initiatives harnessing faculty collaboration and innovation to drive overdue changes in Nevada’s mental-health landscape. Following the presentations policymakers engaged in open discussion with UNLV presenters and the audience. The three main initiatives showcased in this forum are:

UNLV PRACTICE Strategic Plan: This effort strategically unites UNLV’s graduate mental and behavioral training programs for the greatest impact in addressing Nevada’s mental health crisis, providing accessible, effective, and research-informed community mental and behavioral healthcare today while preparing the next-generation workforce of tomorrow.

BeHERE Nevada: The Behavioral Health Education, Retention, and Expansion Network of Nevada (BeHERE NV) is a new statewide initiative aimed at increasing the number of behavioral health care providers in Nevada. Established in response to critical workforce shortages, BeHERE will recruit, educate, and retain mental health practitioners across the state, with the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV serving as its administrative hub.

MTSS School-based Service Delivery: This project develops a community asset map of mental health services for youth in Clark County and implements a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) model. This includes assisting with screening for mental health and school attendance problems (Tier 1), providing in-house consultation and accommodation plans (Tier 2), and linking families to assessment and intervention options (Tier 3). The project will disseminate findings through public campaigns and engage policymakers for impactful change.


Youth; K-12; Training program; Workforce; Healthcare; Community; Mental health; Behavioral health; Health clinic


Early Childhood Education | Education Policy | Health Policy | Mental and Social Health | Psychiatry and Psychology | Public Affairs | Public Health | Student Counseling and Personnel Services

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