Vectors in History: Main Foci - India and USA, Volume 1

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Background: A couple of months after seeing my first book finally published in November, 2010, I started feeling different at age 70+. It was as if a new dimension was added to my persona. At least, now I am a published author of a book, Scattered Mathematics: Mathematical Reflections, Volume I. When it came to rolling out the next book, it was not for another mathematical one - though its material was ready. The choice fell on a history book - to be written in the most unconventional format.

What is my Claim to History? This question has really possessed my mind for a long time. I needed an internal assurance and manifestation of confidence in my history writings. My wife questioned it - based on her knowledge of history textbooks that she had seen or heard of during high school and college days in India. Otherwise, she has no interest in anything historical - from that of a family to a nation. Over years of observation, I dare to conjecture that there is a male gender and history correlation.


History – Philosophy; India; United States


History | Philosophy