Mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in complex media

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Conference Proceeding

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Applied Mathematics and Computation Seminar


Since early 2000, many interesting nanomaterials have been discovered. For example, the negative-index metamaterial was successfully constructed in early 2000 and its potential applications in subwavelength imaging and invisibility cloaks have inspired many researchers in the study of metamaterials in recent years. Graphene, a 2-D nanomaterial, which was rediscovered in 2004. Due to its outstanding electrical, mechanical, magnetic, and thermal properties, graphene has gained significant interest among scientists in various areas. The 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to two graphene experts (Geim and Novoselov). In this talk, I will talk about the development and analysis of some mathematical models for simulating wave propagation in these new nanomaterials. Focus will be on some cloaking models and a graphene model. Some interesting numerical simulations by the time-domain finite element method will be presented.

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Mathematics; Electromagnetism; Nanostructured materials


Electromagnetics and Photonics | Numerical Analysis and Computation

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