My Hindu Faith & Periscope Volume 1

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After the first book, I realized that it is better to have a broad classification. These Reflections are divided into four sections. The Reflections in the first section are more directed towards Hinduism, the second one has socio-politico touches of Hinduism, the third one has topically educationals, and the fourth one has smorgasbord of Reflections transversal to Hinduism. It is to be understood that Hinduism as treated here includes Hindu mindset, Hindu men and women of significance, Hindu events and rituals. It would be interesting to notice that here are three Reflections where mathematical thinking gets closer to Hindu thinking without any bounds! At the end, a composite picture of Hinduism does emerge-both absolute and relative to other religions. Of course, it is an outcome of my approach and perspective.


Hinduism; Mathematics; Philosophy


Philosophy | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion