Numerical Modeling of Unsteady Gas Flow Around the Projectile in the Light Gas Gun

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2004 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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In this study, an attempt to calculate the characteristics of gas flow around a projectile during the motion of the projectile in the Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research (JASPER) light-gas gun is undertaken. The flow is considered as axisymmetric, nonstationary, nonisothermal, compressible, and turbulent. For calculating the flow around the projectile, the finite volume method was employed. A comparison between two launch tube exit geometries was made. The first case was standard muzzle geometry, where the wall of the bore and the outer surface of the launch tube form a 90 degree angle. The second case included a 26.6 degree bevel transition from the wall of the bore to the outer surface of the launch tube. The results of the calculations are represented in figures depicting the flow at different moments of time. The figures show the fields of velocity, pressure and density, as well as the appearance of shock waves inside the geometry. Some comparisons with calculations of the same problem but using finite-element method were made. The obtained results can be further used for optimization JASPER geometry. The results also can be used for calculating the gun barrels for the strength and the oscillatory stability. In our future study we will couple structural analysis of the gun barrel material with the gas dynamic calculation of motion of the projectile in the gun barrel with the use of advanced computational methods.


Computer simulation; Gas flow; Light-gas gun; Physical instruments; Projectiles; Unsteady flow (Fluid dynamics)


Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics | Fluid Dynamics | Mechanical Engineering




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