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Many numerical and analytical schemes exist for solving heat transfer problems. The meshless method is a particularly attractive method that is receiving attention in the engineering and scientific modeling communities. The meshless method is simple, accurate, and requires no polygonalisation. In this study, we focus on the application of meshless methods using radial basis functions (RBFs) — which are simple to implement — for thermal problems. Radial basis functions are the natural generalization of univariate polynomial splines to a multivariate setting that work for arbitrary geometry with high dimensions. RBF functions depend only on the distance from some center point. Using distance functions, RBFs can be easily implemented to model heat transfer in arbitrary dimension or symmetry.


Heat – Transmission; Mathematical models; Meshfree methods (Numerical analysis); Radial basis functions


Applied Mathematics | Heat Transfer, Combustion | Mechanical Engineering | Numerical Analysis and Computation


Copyright Strojniski Vestnik. Used with permission.

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