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A method for calculating power transmitted to the hands of operators who use vibrating hand tools is presented. Results that relate to a comprehensive multidiscipline NIOSH field study of several hundred chipper and grinder workers who used pneumatic hand tools are discussed. These results indicated that the total power in the frequency range of 6.3 to 1000 Hz transmitted to the hand ranged from 1080 to 7230 J/s for the chisel and from 0.852 to 157 J/s the handle of chipping hammers. For pneumatic grinders the power transmitted to the hands of the tool operators was in the range of 0.00658 to 0.235 J/s over the same frequency range.


Energy conversion; Frequencies of oscillating systems; Pneumatic tools – Vibration; Tools – Vibration


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


Copyright Acoustical Society of America used with permission

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