Control of Overhead Cranes Using a Fuzzy Logic Controller

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Transportation of massive loads using overhead cranes can excite undesirable payload swinging. These oscillations have to be damped before other payload manipulation is done. A fuzzy logic controller moves the overhead crane along a desired path while ensuring that the payload is swing-free at the end of the motion. The control action is divided between displacement and swing controllers to enable tuning the controllers. The fuzzy controller is used with a swing-damped bang-bang motion profile based on the natural frequency of the payload is used that ensures that large amplitudes are not excited. Examples, along with comparisons with a PD controller, are included. Experimental implementation of the proposed controller is presented.


Automatic control; Cranes; derricks; etc; Damping (Mechanics); Fuzzy logic; Loads (Mechanics); Oscillations


Acoustics, Dynamics, and Controls | Applied Mathematics | Artificial Intelligence and Robotics | Computer-Aided Engineering and Design | Controls and Control Theory | Control Theory | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


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