Large Scale Solar Power, Hydrogen Development, and Building Applications

Robert F. Boehm, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Some introductory comments to this chapter are in order. Primarily these are to explain what will be found in what follows. As the overall title indicates, this is a coverage of three topics from an engineering perspective for the most part, and they cover a brief summary of technical publications. These topics are issues related to large scale solar power (basically topics that are pertinent to large PV or solar thermal plants), hydrogen generation and use (this includes a review of the current work in hydrogen technology from an engineering standpoint) and solar applications in buildings. All of these contain fairly current reviews of the literature. Most cited papers have been published in the time span from 2016 to midway through 2018. A few earlier papers are included. While many sources were consulted in determining the material for this chapter, no claim is made about it being a complete summary of publications. As is typical of reviews of current papers, some of the topics are represented by only one or two titles, while other topics may have a few more.