Evaluation of home-based hospice and palliative care in a community health center in Korea: Impact on quality of life and health care utilization

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To evaluate the effects of a home-based palliative care program, delivered by a community health center in Korea, in terms of quality of life and health care utilization.

A cross-sectional comparative study was utilized. Data were collected from 30 terminally ill cancer patients who had received palliative care from the community health center and 46 terminally ill cancer patients not receiving palliative care from the center. The measurements used in the study were a Revised Korean version of Quality of Life at the End of Life survey, self-reports on days of hospital admission and the frequency of outpatient care and ER visits during the past 6 months.


Korea; Home nursing; Palliative treatment; Quality of life; Terminal care; Terminally ill — Home care


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