Bound for the Boardwalk: Atlantic City: A Look Back

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Sewickley Valley Historical Society




Atlantic City, New Jersey has had a long and tumultuous history as a resort destination. Developed in the 1850s as a health resort, the city gained its full prominence in the late 19th century as a place where a range of Northeast city dwellers, rich and poor, could vacation. The city reached a pinnacle in the early 20th century when it enjoyed a reputation as "America's Playground." After World War II, the development of rival resorts and the popularization of inexpensive airfares led to a marked decline that was reversed with the advent of casino gambling in 1976. The proliferation of gambling throughout the region, particularly in Pennsylvania, has shaken the onetime casino capital of the East. Yet, the city remains, over 150 years after its founding, a vibrant alternative to other vacation destinations.

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New Jersey--Atlantic City; Twentieth century


United States History

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