Finding the Center: An Aanlysis of the Tilted Ring Model Fits to the Inner and Outer Parts of Six Dwarf Galaxies

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We present a study of the H i emission of six dwarf galaxies. Profiles of dark matter halos of galaxies such as these have been the subject of much debate. In this paper we investigate the accuracy with which the dynamical center (the center of rotation) of each galaxy can be determined. We have used the tilted ring model. We find that the tilted ring method produces plausible centers that are consistent with other published works that used rings at radii larger than 1 kpc. At a radius of 1 kpc the method often converges on centers that do not make sense, producing, for example, radial velocities for the galaxies that are inconsistent with the data. The only way to get the method to work in the centers of galaxies is to use prior information about the redshifts to rule out implausible centers. This suggests that the tilted ring ring method may not be producing reliable rotational velocities in the central kiloparsecs of dwarf galaxies. © 2016. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.

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