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The essence of public land stewardship lies far beyond the words, numbers, and pictures compiled in this project compendium. During the past seven years, many people have gained greater appreciation of the discovered and yetto‐ be discovered treasures held within the Southern Nevada public lands. People have had the opportunity to learn about and make a first‐time connection with nature and the community within which they live. Some participants realized dynamic and everlasting changes in their lives as a result of their new experiences and insights.

Education in the Environment was a four‐year collaborative effort of the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership and the UNLV’s Public Lands Institute. The effort was funded by a Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA)
Conservation Initiative through the Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit (CESU). The Conservation Education and Interpretation portion of the initiative encompassed a variety of activities organized into 10 Tasks, which this Project Compendium describes. The success of this effort would not have been possible without the commitment and participation of many people within the four federal land management agencies, the CESU program, and UNLV. More importantly, it would not have been successful without the outstanding participation of people of all ages in Southern Nevada, across the State, and within the nation who believed in its importance.

The intangible yet invaluable rewards of this participation – recognition of the value of public lands stewardship, participation in meaningful activities outdoors, a renewing sense of wonder, and an enduring respect for our natural and cultural resources – will be evident in the future.

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