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In “Just Passing Through! The Water Cycle!,” students use the Forever Earth vessel to begin exploring the importance of Lake Mead by making and recording observations of how water is being used in different ways by plants, animals, and people. Then students view an animated PowerPoint presentation that follows one drop of water through Lake Mead’s water use cycle and then re-create the cycle on a magnet board. Working as scientists, students determine if water is the same in all parts of the lake by comparing water samples from the middle of the lake and from Las Vegas Bay. By examining a number of scenarios, students use scientific reasoning to deduce the major reasons for the current lower lake level. In a culminating activity, students brainstorm ideas for personal actions that they can take to conserve or protect Lake Mead’s water.

The following post-visit activities are designed to synthesize and expand the knowledge students have gained in their Forever Earth experience. Students apply their knowledge by building a model of the water cycle, recording observations of changes through time, and designing experiments to examine additional questions.

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Hydrologic cycle – Study and teaching (Elementary); Teaching – Aids and devices; United States – Lake Mead; Water – Study and teaching (Elementary)


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