Forever Earth Curriculum: Quarterly Progress Report, Period Ending August 31,2008

Margaret N. Rees, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Cooperative Agreement Number H8R07060001
Task Agreement Number J8R07070004

Signatures have been redacted for privacy and security measures.


Highlights of the university 's focused efforts during the past three months include the following:

  • Seventeen people attended 48 hours of workshop sessions toward partial completion of the Nevada State Certification in Environmental and Interpretation Certification Program.
  • A Hispanic Outreach program is being planned with the Clark County Winchester Cultural Center.
  • Planning has been initiated to design and implement a mobile exhibit program to support and deliver SNAP messages.
  • Forever Earth was scheduled for 30 days and benefited 439 individuals.
  • The National Park Service used Forever Earth as a mobile visitor center on five dates. During these outings, Park Service interpreters contacted I 082 visitors and presented water safety programs and interpretive programs.
  • Twenty-two Discover Mojave Outdoor World events were conducted for 593 participants.