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  • The Interagency Science and Research Team provided a review of its overall progress to the SNAP Board at a meeting on January 25, 2008.
  • A meeting was held with an ad hoc SNAP Land Use Team to request members’ assistance in the development of the science strategy. These individuals reviewed the draft SNAP Science and Research Strategy sub-goal related to land use and then developed priority science questions and associated contributing questions. Assistance was provided to the Cultural Resources Team and the Recreation Team with the selection and prioritization of their science questions.
  • External and management peer reviews were conducted for five SNPLMA Round 9 proposals that were identified as science proposals requiring peer review. Recommendations from these reviews were provided to the SNAP Board for their consideration. Summaries of key comments also are being provided to proposal submitters.
  • Proceedings of the natural resources management workshop held on September 13, 2007 were reviewed by the Interagency Science and Research Team. A final draft of the report has been completed and will be sent to workshop participants in early April.
  • A graphic summary sheet explaining the components of the SNAP Science and Research Strategy has been prepared.


Cultural property; Environmental sciences; Interagency coordination; Research


Environmental Sciences | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration




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