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Project 1

  • Technical assistance with the implementation of the Interagency Monitoring Action Plan (IMAP) for Quagga Mussels is ongoing; remaining analyses are underway with report delivery rescheduled for 05/2012.
  • Data have been delivered for Veliger abundance and settlement at different depths of Lake Mead with report delivery re-scheduled for 05/2012.
  • Growth of adult quagga mussels within Las Vegas Wash/Las Vegas Bay
  • The Interagency Quagga Mussel Meeting was held on 11/17/2011; the next meeting is scheduled for 02/16/2011.

Project 2

  • Appendix 7, an addition to the Long-term Limnological and Aquatic Resource Monitoring and Research Plan for Lakes Mead and Mohave, has been revised with additional content added.
  • All available deliverables from NPS project partners have been collected for a close-out report to SNPLMA on all Water 2025 Conservation Initiative-funded projects (Rounds 4, 5, and 7); the report narrative was finalized and project files were linked to an organizer spreadsheet within an external hard drive and delivered.
  • The updated interagency quagga mussel needs statement was distributed to members of the Interagency Quagga Mussel Meeting group and finalized.
  • The project group contributed to the NPS-funded U.S. Geological Survey Circular Report on the science of Lakes Mead and Mohave.
  • The Interagency Monitoring and Research Coordination Meetings was also held on 11/17/11; the next meeting is scheduled for 01/18/2012. A planning meeting for a new iteration of this meeting group is scheduled for 01/24/2012.


Aquatic resources; Dreissena; Freshwater ecology; Introduced aquatic organisms; Limnology; Quagga mussel; United States – Lake Mead National Recreation Area; United States – Lake Mohave


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Monitoring | Fresh Water Studies | Natural Resources and Conservation | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology




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