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Executive Summary

  • The Weed Sentry program surveyed more than 750 miles of federal lands in Clark County for invasive, exotic plant species.
  • Weed Sentry also removed more than 600,000 individual invasive plants from federal
    lands. These removals represent pro-active efforts that may have forestalled large
    infestations difficult and costly to eradicate.
  • In response to a request by the manager of the Fish and Wildlife Service Desert National
    Wildlife Refuge, a major effort of surveying springs for plant community composition
    and invasive plants provided unique knowledge services by the Weed Sentry program.
    No such baseline information existed for the Sheep Range. This knowledge service and
    extensive roadside surveys were provided on the refuge.
  • Monitoring protocols were developed by Research Assistant Dianne Bangle, a botanist,
    for key rare plant species. These protocols were implemented, and meet technical
    requirements for county Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) funding.
  • Preliminary plot sampling was conducted, and a proposal for the Federal Highways
    Administration was prepared in collaboration with ATR Alice Newton to guide
    ecological restoration efforts of gypsum habitat at Lake Mead.
  • A nationally competitive Joint Fire Science grant ($179,000) was secured to support
    efforts in this Task Agreement to provide knowledge services to resource managers for
    mitigating community invasibility. ATR Alice Newton was the federal cooperator on
    this grant and made a major contribution to the proposal.

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Endemic plants; Invasive plants; Nevada--Desert National Wildlife Range; United States--Lake Mead National Recreation Area; Vegetation monitoring; Weeds--Control


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