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  • BLM informed UNLV that after investigating a concession contract as the appropriate BLM document for the future operating partner, they have concluded that an operating agreement is the preferred document and they are proceeding to complete such an agreement as soon as possible.
  • Following a visit to the ranch with BLM, UNLV has completed temporary repairs to ranch house windows, which should mitigate deterioration of the ranch house from water
  • UNLV participated in a one-half day meeting with BLM to review Condit’s Extended Content Package #1. As a result of the lack of progress by Condit, UNLV was requested to increase our participation in creating ranch interpretation.
  • Preparation of pamphlets describing plants and animals native to the area and also describing the local geology has been temporarily put aside as interpreters working on this project have been deferred to working on interpretation for the ranch.
  • Julian Kilker, UNLV faculty, has begun photographing the ranch and local desert to contribute iconic ranch photographs to be used in the visitor center and other aspects of ranch interpretation.
  • UNLV has received the final deliverables, from Dr. Jeff Crouse, on the Bow-Bell film history research project.
  • UNLV hired security consultants, who have prepared architectural documents that will be used as part of the construction package, for both security and IT.
  • UNLV continues to collect oral histories from individuals who were involved in ranch history

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Environmental literacy; Historic buildings – Maintenance and repair; Historic sites – Interpretive programs; Historic sites – Management; Nevada – Searchlight; Ranches; United States – Mojave Desert


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