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  • UNLV provides stewardship of Walking Box Ranch (WBR) by providing a caretaker who oversees the property, facilitating use of the property by researchers and educators, developing a use and research policy for the property, and coordinating these activities with BLM and in accordance with TNC restrictions.
  • UNLV currently addresses security issues for the property through the presence of the caretaker and three Metro Officers who reside on the property in two recreational vehicles, in rotation.
  • UNLV is developing a Premises-use Process, which will define how UNLV receives and submits requests to conduct work on the 40-acre headquarters site to BLM. This procedure will be completed during 2009.
  • UNLV has completed testing, and therefore finalized, a draft inspection document that guides daily inspection of the ranch by the caretaker.
  • UNLV is finalizing an agreement with Metro Officers permitting the officers to stay on the ranch property, increasing security for the ranch.
  • UNLV is working with EDAW and BLM to identify location of old well near ranch house. UNLV will determine the best method to analyze water available for the ranch for coliforms, nitrates and other constituents, and to report those results.


Historic buildings – Conservation and restoration; Historic buildings – Security measures; Historic preservation; Historic sites – Management; Nevada – Searchlight; Ranches; Walking Box Ranch (Searchlight ; Nev.)


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