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Of the countless hospitality programs around the world, why does the Harrah College of Hospitality consistently rank at the top? I believe the college's excellence stems from our ability to leverage our strengths with those of our partners to do great things. It's that simple.

This approach has certainly been in play as we've navigated the difficulties of the past two years. We've worked with our friends in industry and academia to bolster our internship and mentorship programs, research, and interdisciplinary projects, all with the intent of expanding the knowledge base of the hospitality discipline and building a pipeline of much-needed talent for the industry.

In the pages that follow, you'll find example after example of these partnerships at work: our catering team's unprecedented collaboration with UNLV Athletics; a new wine and music course that combines the expertise of the Hospitality College with the expertise of the UNLV Music Department; researchers from our college and around the world coming together to address tough industry challenges; and donors, such as Andrew and Peggy Cherng and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, helping the college bring innovative hospitality programs into higher ed.

Perhaps the college's most impactful partnership over the years has been with the hospitality companies in Las Vegas. We provide the smart and well-prepared student talent; they provide opportunities for students to work and intern in the industry. Our ongoing internship collaboration with Resorts World Las Vegas (pg. 24), which benefits 20+ UNLV students each semester, is but one example of how collaborations can lead to greatness.

When the college and our partners share our time, expertise, and resources, there's simply no limit to what we can accomplish. Together, we are stronger and more resilient, and our students are primed to carry the spirit of partnership forward into their lives and careers.


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