Keith E. Whitfield is an experienced university administrator and prolific scholar in the fields of psychology, health, and aging. President Whitfield joined UNLV in August 2020 after serving as provost, senior vice president of academic affairs, and professor of psychology at Wayne State University in Michigan. He previously served as vice provost for academic affairs at Duke University, where he was also a professor in the department of psychology and neuroscience and co-director of the university’s Center on Biobehavioral Health Disparities Research.


Submissions from 2021


The Effect of Stress, Acculturation, and Heritage Identity on Depression in Arab Americans, Abdul-Rahman Suleiman, Omar Afify, and Keith E. Whitfield


The Effect of Stress and Acculturation on the Self-Rated Health of Arab Americans, Abdul-Rahman Suleiman, Arash Javanbakht, and Keith Whitfield

The Effects of Selective Survival on Black Adults’ Cognitive Development, Shyuan Ching Tan, Alyssa A. Gamaldo, Timothy Brick, Roland J. Thorpe, Jason C. Allaire, and Keith E. Whitfield


Educational Attainment of Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Dizygotic Twins: An Individual-Level Pooled Study of 19 Twin Cohorts, Keith E. Whitfield and Numerous Authors, See Full List Below

Submissions from 2020

The Association Between Depressive Symptoms and Accumulation of Stress Among Black Men in the Health and Retirement Study, Roland J. Thorpe Jr., PhD; Ryon Cobb PhD; Keyonna King DrPH; Marino A. Bruce PhD, MSRC, MDiv; Paul Archibald DrPH, LCSW; Harlan P. Jones PhD; Keith C. Norris PhD; Keith E. Whitfield PhD; and Darrell Hudson PhD, MPH