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Among President George W. Bush's management initiatives, competitive sourcing was the most complex, most challenging, and most politicized, admitted Angela Styles, chief of procurement policy at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), in 2002.

Styles had left OMB when I started my research but behind her the battle raged on how to subject thousands of federal commercial jobs for public private competition under the rules of Circular A-76 and according to performance criteria set by the OMB Scorecard.

In competitive sourcing, if contractors can perform the job more efficiently than the govemment team, the work is outsourced and the affected employees are terminated or reassigned within the organization. Early in the Bush Administration the policy preference was for a limited duration of awards if the feds should win and recompetition to be held every five years.


Bush; George W. (George Walker); 1946-; Contracting out; Public administration


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